Wedding Transportation

Today there are many different fashionable ways you can arrive at or depart from your wedding. Brides and grooms used to leave from the ceremony in a car with a big old “Just Married” sign in the back window, and cans trailing from strings hanging from the tailgate. Today things are totally different. You can still use a stylish car if you’re really proud of your own car, or if you have a relative with a sports car or something vintage. But these days there are many different modes of transportation for the bride and groom (and even the entire wedding party) can use to get from the wedding to the reception. So relax, kick back and enjoy the ride!

There are several options available, and several things to think about when you’re deciding on how you will get from your wedding to the reception, or to your final destination when the festivities are finished.

Here are some things you should consider when deciding on your mode of wedding transportation.

  • Will you be transporting only the bride and groom, or will you be transporting the entire wedding party. How many people will be riding?
  • How much do you need from your wedding transportation? Will you need someone to get you to the wedding? To the reception? To your final destination when the reception is over?
  • How far will you be traveling? How far away is the reception?
  • What is your wedding transportation budget? Do you need to find cheap or low cost wedding transportation, or do you have a limo rental figured in to your wedding budget?

Some popular wedding transportation methods include limos, stretch hummers, party vans and buses, horse and carriage, or an antique car.

If you’re getting married, or you’re already married, how did you transport the wedding party?

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