5 Easy-To-Make Wedding Invitation Ideas

If you are considering ways to make your wedding invitations really stand out without having to spend a of of time (or money) making them, check out some of these very easy and inexpensive ideas for great wedding invites.

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Book Pages Wedding Invitation

Buy a paper back book of love poems and a package of medium sized and smaller sized card stock. Print out the wedding info on the smaller card stock and glue it on top of the book page. Then glue the book page on top of the medium sized card stock. Embellish a corner with a heart stamped in red, or even drawn on with a red marker. You have a simple, yet cute, way to announce your big day. This is fabulous for vintage or garden weddings.

Message in a Bottle Wedding Invitation

You can bulk order plastic bottles at a place like Oriental Trading company and fill the bottom 1/3 with sand (either from a beach or lake). Print you wedding invites on off-white paper, roll the paper into a scroll, tie with a ribbon, place in the bottle and seal it up. You have a message in a bottle perfect for a beach or lake wedding that you can hand deliver or UPS to friends and family.

Smile! You’re in Love! Wedding Invitation Idea

If you need to send out 50 invites, take 50 pictures with your love where the two of you are smiling and having fun. Print off your wedding info on brightly colored card stock, bottom or top half only, and then glue a picture above or below the wording. Caption each picture with a marker and a cute saying and you have a great invite that sets the stage for an eclectic wedding.

Fancy and Chic Wedding Invitation Idea

Buy gray card stock and print your wedding invites on lilac paper in a script font. Cut out each invitation’s wording with scissors that leave a pattern (like swirls or circles). Glue to the card stock and trace around the paper’s edge with a black marker. Glue three fake jewels to the top (can be bought in a pack at craft store). Now you have an invitation fit for a more modern and upscale wedding.

Two Hearts Wedding Invitation

At craft stores you can get wooden heart cut outs for 25 cents. Buy two hearts per invitation (which means you may need to buy at multiple times, depending on the store’s inventory, or visit other stores in the area) and glue them next to one another. Embellish with lace ribbon or burlap twine to make it a rustic look, or paint them in your colors. You can even decorate with buttons, jewels, and ribbon in any way you want. Hand write your info on the hearts with a marker. This is a perfect idea for rustic, vintage, and small weddings.

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