How To Find a Wedding Dress To Flatter Your Figure

We have all heard the “fruit” theory on what piece of fruit a woman’s body shape resembles. It isn’t always flattering to be referred to as a banana, but it can be accurate. Well, the people at Shape magazine and a few other style experts have tried to rename those shapes and put something a little more appealing in the name.

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If you are in the market for a wedding dress, knowing your shape will help you find the dress that best flatters you. Here are the shapes that most women fall into, in their traditional fruit names and the new descriptions, and the types of wedding dresses that look best on that shape.

The Banana or The Column

These shapes define a tall, thin person that can wear any style of wedding dress out there. Lucky you! If you are self conscious about being tall or too thin, though, choose a ball gown or princess style dress to help hide some of your height and give you a little bit of weight. Do not wear long necklaces, as this will only show off your height, but you can wear large pieces that will give you some weight. Short veils or no veil is best.

The Pear or The Bell
This shape defines someone who is a little smaller on top and has a thicker waist and abundant hips. The ball gown style wedding dress will help hide your hips, but it can add more weight to your waist if you don’t choose the right type of gown. High waist ball gowns are definitely a no-no. You can choose an empire waist gown or a sheath gown, which both hang loosely away from the body to mask your extra weight. Create some balance by choosing a dress that has ruffles at the top or accentuates your bust line, while still hiding the hips. If you don’t like ruffles, draw the eye upwards with jewelry and pull your hair back to show off your neck, which will have people staring at your face more than your hips. A large headpiece or short veil can help with this, as well.


The Hourglass or the Cello

The hourglass is a classic shape description, but the cello is a new one. This defines a woman that is equally top and bottom heavy with a smaller waistline in between the bust and hips. To really accentuate this shape in a wedding dress, choose one that is not in a corset or bustier style so as not to make your boobs look bigger. A higher neckline is best, or even a cowl neck that hides breasts in folds of fabric, and an empire waist will shape will show off your figure without accentuating too much of it. But if accentuating it is what you want, choose a drop waist or mermaid style gown. These are tight all throughout until about mid-thigh, when they flare out slightly. This type of dress is also known as a trumpet gown or fit-and-fare style. They are the sexiest type of gown you can buy and look amazing on hourglass figures. You can wear just about any accessories with these, as well.


The Apple or The Goblet
The apple, or the goblet, sounds very unappealing, but it really isn’t all that bad. This body shape has wide shoulders that taper into thin hips and slender legs. If you are a daring woman, wear a short wedding dress to show off those amazing legs, but make sure the dress has straps to help hide your shoulders. If you don’t want a short dress, choose a casual sheath style that helps to hide shoulders while making you look long and lean. Long veils are also a good idea for women with this type of shape, as are long necklaces and long, slender earrings. All of them make you look taller and thinner.


The Orange or The Clock
The orange is a very round shape, like a standard clock, and defines a woman who has equal waistline, bust size, and hips. It doesn’t sound easy to style, but it can make shopping for a wedding dress easy because very few style actually flatter this type of figure. Choose a loose style, a sheath dress, or a Grecian wrap style that will hid the weight in folds of lightweight fabrics. Add height to your figure, which makes you look smaller, by wearing heels and pulling your hair up to elongate your neck. Do not wear large jewelry, as this will add to your weight.

The Vase

There is no fruit to describe the vase shape, but it is an elongated hourglass figure. This shape looks fantastic in mermaid style wedding gowns, but if you are self-conscious about your curvacious behind you can hide it in an A-line dress that will still show off your figure. Heels make your legs look longer, but can accent your butt, so be careful with the kind you choose to wear. Adding larger jewelry will make your chest look bigger to help even out your bottom. You can also choose a princess dress with a bustier or corset style to accent the chest.

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