5 Easy-To-Make Wedding Invitation Ideas

If you are considering ways to make your wedding invitations really stand out without having to spend a of of time (or money) making them, check out some of these very easy and inexpensive ideas for great wedding invites.

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Book Pages Wedding Invitation

Buy a paper back book of love poems and a package of medium sized and smaller sized card stock. Print out the wedding info on the smaller card stock and glue it on top of the book page. Then glue the book page on top of the medium sized card stock. Embellish a corner with a heart stamped in red, or even drawn on with a red marker. You have a simple, yet cute, way to announce your big day. This is fabulous for vintage or garden weddings.

Message in a Bottle Wedding Invitation

You can bulk order plastic bottles at a place like Oriental Trading company and fill the bottom 1/3 with sand (either from a beach or lake). Print you wedding invites on off-white paper, roll the paper into a scroll, tie with a ribbon, place in the bottle and seal it up. You have a message in a bottle perfect for a beach or lake wedding that you can hand deliver or UPS to friends and family.

Smile! You’re in Love! Wedding Invitation Idea

If you need to send out 50 invites, take 50 pictures with your love where the two of you are smiling and having fun. Print off your wedding info on brightly colored card stock, bottom or top half only, and then glue a picture above or below the wording. Caption each picture with a marker and a cute saying and you have a great invite that sets the stage for an eclectic wedding.

Fancy and Chic Wedding Invitation Idea

Buy gray card stock and print your wedding invites on lilac paper in a script font. Cut out each invitation’s wording with scissors that leave a pattern (like swirls or circles). Glue to the card stock and trace around the paper’s edge with a black marker. Glue three fake jewels to the top (can be bought in a pack at craft store). Now you have an invitation fit for a more modern and upscale wedding.

Two Hearts Wedding Invitation

At craft stores you can get wooden heart cut outs for 25 cents. Buy two hearts per invitation (which means you may need to buy at multiple times, depending on the store’s inventory, or visit other stores in the area) and glue them next to one another. Embellish with lace ribbon or burlap twine to make it a rustic look, or paint them in your colors. You can even decorate with buttons, jewels, and ribbon in any way you want. Hand write your info on the hearts with a marker. This is a perfect idea for rustic, vintage, and small weddings.

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Basic Frugal Bride Wedding Checklist

Making a frugal bride wedding checklist is the best way to save yourself loads of cash on your big day. But what should you add if you are on a dime? If you look at almost every major wedding site out there, most give a customizable list where you can add or take away items. If you don’t know where to even start, though, these may not be helpful for you. Try this basic list for an inexpensive wedding, and add or take away items as needed. You can also move items to the “To Buy” or “To Make” categories, because all frugal brides know that making most of their wedding items will be the way to go if they want to save some money.

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As you go through the list, write down what you think you may spend. After you have actually purchased or paid for the item, write down what you actually spent. This will give you an initial budget to go on and will show you where your money is going.

The Frugal Bride Wedding Checklist

Number of guests-

Number in Wedding Party-




Rehearsal Dinner                                 Estimated Cost:


Proposed Cost                                     Actual Cost


Decorations, if any


Reply Cards
Seating Cards
Thank- you Notes

Marriage License
Wedding Rings
Officiant Fee

Pen & Guest Book
Aisle Runner
Unity Candle


Flower Girl Baskets
Ring Bearer Pillow

Bridal Bouquet
Wedding Dress
Groom’s Suit
Wedding Party Gifts




The Cake
Guest Favors
Tables and Chairs
To Buy/Hire:

To Make:



The more people you have to volunteer, the less you’ll spend. For instances, ask all of your aunts to cook the food as their gift to you. Give them a menu and buy the ingredients, then let them make the food for your guests.

If you use the same venue for all three stages of the wedding, you can get a discount and save more money.

Opt for a venue that provides chairs and tables, like a Civic Center, to get the most from your money.

Invitations, programs, save-the-dates, reply cards, and seating cards can be made easily from at-home computers, so if you’re trying to save money, start with all of your stationary.

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How To Find a Wedding Dress To Flatter Your Figure

We have all heard the “fruit” theory on what piece of fruit a woman’s body shape resembles. It isn’t always flattering to be referred to as a banana, but it can be accurate. Well, the people at Shape magazine and a few other style experts have tried to rename those shapes and put something a little more appealing in the name.

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If you are in the market for a wedding dress, knowing your shape will help you find the dress that best flatters you. Here are the shapes that most women fall into, in their traditional fruit names and the new descriptions, and the types of wedding dresses that look best on that shape.

The Banana or The Column

These shapes define a tall, thin person that can wear any style of wedding dress out there. Lucky you! If you are self conscious about being tall or too thin, though, choose a ball gown or princess style dress to help hide some of your height and give you a little bit of weight. Do not wear long necklaces, as this will only show off your height, but you can wear large pieces that will give you some weight. Short veils or no veil is best.

The Pear or The Bell
This shape defines someone who is a little smaller on top and has a thicker waist and abundant hips. The ball gown style wedding dress will help hide your hips, but it can add more weight to your waist if you don’t choose the right type of gown. High waist ball gowns are definitely a no-no. You can choose an empire waist gown or a sheath gown, which both hang loosely away from the body to mask your extra weight. Create some balance by choosing a dress that has ruffles at the top or accentuates your bust line, while still hiding the hips. If you don’t like ruffles, draw the eye upwards with jewelry and pull your hair back to show off your neck, which will have people staring at your face more than your hips. A large headpiece or short veil can help with this, as well.


The Hourglass or the Cello

The hourglass is a classic shape description, but the cello is a new one. This defines a woman that is equally top and bottom heavy with a smaller waistline in between the bust and hips. To really accentuate this shape in a wedding dress, choose one that is not in a corset or bustier style so as not to make your boobs look bigger. A higher neckline is best, or even a cowl neck that hides breasts in folds of fabric, and an empire waist will shape will show off your figure without accentuating too much of it. But if accentuating it is what you want, choose a drop waist or mermaid style gown. These are tight all throughout until about mid-thigh, when they flare out slightly. This type of dress is also known as a trumpet gown or fit-and-fare style. They are the sexiest type of gown you can buy and look amazing on hourglass figures. You can wear just about any accessories with these, as well.


The Apple or The Goblet
The apple, or the goblet, sounds very unappealing, but it really isn’t all that bad. This body shape has wide shoulders that taper into thin hips and slender legs. If you are a daring woman, wear a short wedding dress to show off those amazing legs, but make sure the dress has straps to help hide your shoulders. If you don’t want a short dress, choose a casual sheath style that helps to hide shoulders while making you look long and lean. Long veils are also a good idea for women with this type of shape, as are long necklaces and long, slender earrings. All of them make you look taller and thinner.


The Orange or The Clock
The orange is a very round shape, like a standard clock, and defines a woman who has equal waistline, bust size, and hips. It doesn’t sound easy to style, but it can make shopping for a wedding dress easy because very few style actually flatter this type of figure. Choose a loose style, a sheath dress, or a Grecian wrap style that will hid the weight in folds of lightweight fabrics. Add height to your figure, which makes you look smaller, by wearing heels and pulling your hair up to elongate your neck. Do not wear large jewelry, as this will add to your weight.

The Vase

There is no fruit to describe the vase shape, but it is an elongated hourglass figure. This shape looks fantastic in mermaid style wedding gowns, but if you are self-conscious about your curvacious behind you can hide it in an A-line dress that will still show off your figure. Heels make your legs look longer, but can accent your butt, so be careful with the kind you choose to wear. Adding larger jewelry will make your chest look bigger to help even out your bottom. You can also choose a princess dress with a bustier or corset style to accent the chest.

Wedding Reception Entertainment Live Band Or a DJ?

When you’re planning your wedding recpetions one of the most important decisions you have to make is the entertainment. If people are bored they won’t stay long, which could be a good or bad thing for you. Soooo, do you want to have live entertainment in the form of a band, or a string quartet for example. Or do you want to hire a DJ and have him (or her) spin some tunes all night long. There are several things you should consider when you’re making your wedding entertainment decisions.

A few things for the soon to be bride and groom should think about:

  • What is your entertainment budget?
  • What type of music do you and your guests enjoy listening to?
  • Do you have a favorite band or type of music you’d like to feature at your wedding reception?
  • Speak with friends (especially friends who have recently tied the knot) to see if they have any recommendations if you’re not sure who you want to provide the entertainment. They can let you know how their entertainment went, or if they know someone who might be perfect for your wedding.

What type of entertainment do you want for your wedding reception? If you’re already married, what type of entertainment did you have?

Wedding Transportation

Today there are many different fashionable ways you can arrive at or depart from your wedding. Brides and grooms used to leave from the ceremony in a car with a big old “Just Married” sign in the back window, and cans trailing from strings hanging from the tailgate. Today things are totally different. You can still use a stylish car if you’re really proud of your own car, or if you have a relative with a sports car or something vintage. But these days there are many different modes of transportation for the bride and groom (and even the entire wedding party) can use to get from the wedding to the reception. So relax, kick back and enjoy the ride!

There are several options available, and several things to think about when you’re deciding on how you will get from your wedding to the reception, or to your final destination when the festivities are finished.

Here are some things you should consider when deciding on your mode of wedding transportation.

  • Will you be transporting only the bride and groom, or will you be transporting the entire wedding party. How many people will be riding?
  • How much do you need from your wedding transportation? Will you need someone to get you to the wedding? To the reception? To your final destination when the reception is over?
  • How far will you be traveling? How far away is the reception?
  • What is your wedding transportation budget? Do you need to find cheap or low cost wedding transportation, or do you have a limo rental figured in to your wedding budget?

Some popular wedding transportation methods include limos, stretch hummers, party vans and buses, horse and carriage, or an antique car.

If you’re getting married, or you’re already married, how did you transport the wedding party?

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Favor Cakes~ Wedding Cake Favor Boxes

I love these wedding cake favor boxes! They look fabulous on display on the cake table, and they allow guests to take a little bit of your wedding home with them for later.Favor Cakes come in several different colors, and any of the colors can be from 2 to 5 tiers, depending on your guest list. You can find them all at eInvite.com!

Wedding Olala Tradition Black & White Favor Cakes – 5 Tiers Wedding Favor Cake Boxes

This classic black and white favor cake comes with white favor boxes, white pearls and a silk flower topper. Wrapped by 1.5″ black ribbons and 3/8″ white ribbons which can be personalized with up to 40 characters (including spaces).

Wedding Olala Pink & Tuxedo Favor Cakes – 3 Tiers Wedding Favor Cake Boxes

This favor cake comes with pink favor boxes, creme mini bows and a silk flower topper. Wrapped by 1.5″ creme ribbons and 3/8″ black ribbons which can be personalized.

Wedding Olala Something Blue Favor Cakes – 4 Tiers Wedding Favor Cake Boxes

This favor cake comes with blue favor boxes, white mini bows and a silk flower topper. Wrapped by 1.5″ white ribbons and 3/8″ aquamarine ribbons which can be personalized.

Wedding Olala Truffles Delight Favor Cakes – 2 Tiers Wedding Favor Cake Boxes

For those who love chocolate! This favor cake comes with white favor boxes, brown mini bows and a silk flower topper. Wrapped by 1.5″ brown ribbons and 3/8″ Spanish white ribbons which can be personalized.

Limited Edition Alfred Angelo Disney Princess Wedding Gowns

Disney and Alfred Angelo recently unveiled several new Disney Princess wedding gowns. The limited edition Cinderella Platinum Anniversary Bridal Gown, a new Rapunzel Wedding Gown and more were unveiled during bridal fashion week from Disney Fairy Tale Weddings By Alfred Angelo. All of the gowns were created to capture the essence of the princess they represent.

Cinderella’s wedding gown Commemorates 20 Years of “Happily-Ever-After” at Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons Event.

Commenting on his design inspiration, Alfred Angelo Designer Michael Shettel says, “This Anniversary special edition is a retro remix with a multitude of asymmetric tulle layers paired with a head-turning bejeweled bodice. This special gown celebrates the fairy tale that inspired it, but incorporates nostalgic and modern elements that span the 20 years of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons. This Cinderella gown is sure to catch the eye of a prince.” Shettel adds, “in this gown, brides should be prepared to celebrate long after midnight!”

Tiana’s Wedding Gown

The regal, one-shoulder taffeta gown for Disney’s newest princess, Tiana, reflects her independent spirit with an asymmetric bodice and ruched skirt.

Belle’s Wedding Gown

Princess Belle’s wedding dress, with a draped waistline is inspired by the iconic ballroom dance scene from the film and focuses on making a grand entrance.

Ariel’s Wedding Gown

The treasures of the sea inspired Princess Ariel’s gown. The mermaid silhouette features re-embroidered lace, pearl beading, and sequin sparkles.

Sleeping Beauty’s Wedding Gown

Sleeping Beauty / Princess Aurora’s gown is romantic with a dreamy, willowy skirt for this slumbering princess. The gown is inspired by roses and flowers and features petal detailing throughout.

Jasmine’s Wedding Gown

Princess Jasmine’s wedding dress conveys freedom and individuality and as a result her shimmering soft satin gown is exotic with a bejeweled neckline and low cut back.

Snow White’s Wedding Gown

Princess Snow White’s dress is inspired by nature, beauty and grace like the Disney Princess character herself. The features apple blossom and leaf detailing throughout the bodice and cascading down the skirt.

Rapunzel’s Wedding Gown

Rapunzel’s gown has a one shoulder dropped waist, pleated bodice that represents the unique, artistic vision that she brings to everything she does. The delicate three-dimensional satin petals on the skirt are adorned with light-catching crystals and twinkling sequins to represent the lanterns she views every year on her birthday from her tower.

The gowns are available from Alfred Angelo for a limited time.

Images via Alfred Angelo/ Disney

Don’t Forget The Brides Emergency Kit!

One thing that is often overlooked in a wedding is a brides emergency kit. You never know when you might have an emergency at the last minute with your dress, your hair, or makeup. The best thing to do is prepare for the worst! It will give you peace of mind to know you’re prepared for the little last minute emergencies that can pop up for you or your bridesmaids.

You can pack your emergency kit in a cute basket, and add it to your dressing room. Then if you have a last minute wardrobe malfunction, or makeup blooper you can handle it without a problem. If you’re the bridesmaid, or maid of honor, this is a great idea for a last minute gift, or shower gift idea for the bride. There are pre-made kids available, but you can also easily make your own.

So what should you include in a bridal emergency kit?

  • Nail repair items, like a nail file, and nail polish (the color you’re wearing).
  • Makeup, makeup remover, tissues, and cotton balls
  • Dress repair kit, including thread, spare buttons, and safety pins.
  • Spare stockings
  • Spare earrings
  • Anything you might need for your hair, such as a hairbrush, bobby pins, hairspray, gel, hair dryer, curling iron or curlers
  • Emergency medications like antacids, and headache medications.
  • Band Aids and antibacterials
  • Spot cleaners and baby powder for last minute spills
  • Pads and tampons

If you’re a bridesmaid, it’s an excellent gift idea for the bride. Put everything in a basket so it’s available for any last minute problems the bride, or the bridesmaids may have.

If you don’t want to put together your own kit check out these pre-made kits you can purchase for the big day by clicking here: Bridessentials Survival Kit

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Wedding Flowers~ Planning the Bridal Bouquet

I had a really great interview a while back with Crista Tharp of Tharp Events, for another blog I used to write for. Crista  shared some of her wedding and event planning expertise with me, including some great information about planning your bridal bouquet, so I thought I’d share a little of that wonderful information with you here at She Plans Weddings.

Crista said there are 4 basic types of wedding bouquets.

  1. The round, posey, or nosegay bouquet is the most popular type of bridal bouquet right now. This bouquet is usually small, round and compact enough for the bride to hold in one hand if she needs to. One of the biggest bonuses for this type of bouquet is that it doesn’t hide the brides gown.
  2. The cascade is the most formal and traditional type of bridal bouquet. The cascade trails down the dress, and tends to be more ornate than other types of bouquet. The only drawback for this type of bouquet is because it cascades it can hide part of the dress, and be a little more awkward for the bride to handle.
  3. The hand tied bouquet tends to be the least formal. It’s a wonderful bouquet for a casual or beach wedding. The stems on the flowers are cut even, and the top is open, like flowers in a vase. The stems can be either wrapped or unwrapped.
  4. The arm or presentation bouquet usually sits over one arm. This type of bouquet can be very ornate if there’s lots of flowers or beading.

In addition to the points above the bride should consider what she want’s when she walks down the aisle. She should think about how comfortable she would be holding the type of flower bouquet she is going to select. Ask your florist if they have a sample bouquet you can try on for size.

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Pink and Green Polka Dot Wedding Cake

I spend quite a bit of time at bridal expos and events, so I have tons of photos of cakes, flowers, and wedding gown ideas to share with you over the next couple of months. I’ve also had the opportunity to talk with different wedding vendors about wedding trends and ideas. But first up I have a really cool pink and green polka dot wedding cake I’d love to share with you.

Here’s a photo of one of my favorite cakes ever. It was created by Classic Confection Cakes in Centerville Ohio. This cake would go very well with a pink and green polka dot wedding theme.

I just wish the lighting was a little better. The cake was spectacular, and the photo does not bring out the bright colors of the cake.

Stay tuned for more wedding cakes, flowers, gowns, and ideas. I’m sorting through my notes and photos, and I’ll have many more coming up in the next few days.

Pink and green polka dot wedding cake image (c) L Gerlach all rights reserved