Wedding Flowers~ Planning the Bridal Bouquet

I had a really great interview a while back with Crista Tharp of Tharp Events, for another blog I used to write for. Crista¬† shared some of her wedding and event planning expertise with me, including some great information about planning your bridal bouquet, so I thought I’d share a little of that wonderful information with you here at She Plans Weddings.

Crista said there are 4 basic types of wedding bouquets.

  1. The round, posey, or nosegay bouquet is the most popular type of bridal bouquet right now. This bouquet is usually small, round and compact enough for the bride to hold in one hand if she needs to. One of the biggest bonuses for this type of bouquet is that it doesn’t hide the brides gown.
  2. The cascade is the most formal and traditional type of bridal bouquet. The cascade trails down the dress, and tends to be more ornate than other types of bouquet. The only drawback for this type of bouquet is because it cascades it can hide part of the dress, and be a little more awkward for the bride to handle.
  3. The hand tied bouquet tends to be the least formal. It’s a wonderful bouquet for a casual or beach wedding. The stems on the flowers are cut even, and the top is open, like flowers in a vase. The stems can be either wrapped or unwrapped.
  4. The arm or presentation bouquet usually sits over one arm. This type of bouquet can be very ornate if there’s lots of flowers or beading.

In addition to the points above the bride should consider what she want’s when she walks down the aisle. She should think about how comfortable she would be holding the type of flower bouquet she is going to select. Ask your florist if they have a sample bouquet you can try on for size.

Image L Gerlach